Football: Argos brainstorming way to draft Guelph's Maver

The Toronto Argonauts are probably going to get the spotlight in coverage of the CFL Canadian college draft, since they're coming off a couple rough seasons and hold the Nos. 1, 8 and 11 picks. The Canadian Press noted there might be an argument for using the No. 1 overall pick on Guelph kicker-punter Rob Maver (cue the snark: Only the Argos would take a kicker a No. 1.).
"The rebuilding Argos ... have many needs to address in the draft and can't be guaranteed Maver would be available even at No. 8.

"That's because Calgary has the fifth overall selection and is in the enviable position of having a talented roster so it could use its first pick on a kicker. And then there's the possibility of Hamilton, whose first selection is at No. 12, making a deal to move up and take Maver.

"Toronto could remove all the guesswork by making CFL draft history and taking Maver first overall. Twice a kicker has gone No. 2 -- David Miller-Johnston to Toronto in 1997, Warren Kean to Edmonton in 2007 -- but neither lived up to expectations.
Allez Les Bleus ran a mock draft that had the Argonauts drafting Queen's linebacker Shomari Williams No. 1, which had better happen since it would be awesome for him, not because a Joe Fan Blogger speculated about it six weeks ago.

There is not much point in trying to out-TSN TSN with draft coverage on Sunday, but we'll probably try to find time on Sunday to evaluate how certain schools fared. Todd McShay, I am not.

Guelph's Maver can't wait for CFL Canadian college draft (The Canadian Press)
Argonauts still mulling draft choices (Chris Zelkovich, Toronto Star)
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  1. Taking a Kicker at #1 would be awful, not only for the team, but for the leauge in general. How does it look on the CFL to have a kicker going #1?

  2. You think a team with no kicker and three early picks cares about what it means "for the league?"

    That's crazy talk.

    The Argos aren't drafting to protect the league's image. They're drafting to make their team better.

    If that means a kicker, so be it.

    I doubt it will happen, but I could see it happening.