Linking the country ...

Managed to find a few headlines ...

  • Queen's Shomari Williams figures on converting back to linebacker at the CFL level. (Kingston Whig-Standard)

  • Golden Gaels centre Dan Bederman is hoping to get a free-agent shot in the pros; he went to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' training camp last season. (Jewish Tribune)

  • Western recruit Matt Uren, a prospective defensive back, was named MVP of the London-area high school league. (London Free Press)
  • Always OUA is looking ahead to January and the second half of the OUA season.

  • Lakehead sophomore point guard Greg Carter is starting to put his stamp on the No. 10-ranked Thunderwolves. (Ottawa Sun)

  • Former Dalhousie Tigers guard Devon Norris is the lone Nova Scotian playing for the Halifax Rainmen, the city's minor pro basketball franchise (Halifax Chronicle-Herald), but former St. F-X coach Garry Gallimore has made the team as well (Metro Halifax).

  • Guelph post player Jasmine Douglas gets some pub for being a bright spot on a struggling team. Awesome for her; now try to ignore the well-duh sentence about how she "enjoys winning the battles during OUA women’s basketball league games." Because you know all those self-loathing athletes who play because they hate winning the battles. (Guelph Mercury)
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  1. I easily ignored the well-duh sentence in the Mercury, blinded as I was by the lack of mathematical literacy evident with "9.88 rebounds per game" and "1.50 blocks per game."

    You know, because it's so important to clarify that the player does not have 9.86 rebounds per game. Makes all the difference in the world to go to two decimal places here.

    (It sure is ironic that this writer is unclear on how to deal with significant digits, since the most common response to his articles is "two thumbs down.")

  2. Not to mention "per game" twice in the same sentence is at least one too many. Readers should get credit for knowing basketball counting stats are given on a per-game basis, so he could say Douglas is "averaging 9.9 rebounds (second in the OUA) and 1.5 blocked shots (fourth)."

    Of course, he couldn't express it as 9.9 because, well, it says 9.88 on the website! He can't just change it to 9.9 because it would make for a smoother read. Trying to do that would be called, what's the term, good daily journalism.

  3. Jeeze, lot of hate of for the merc..This article is not the first thats come into question from this blog. In fact, I don't remember the last good thing said about it.

  4. Shame on us for asking that OUA and CIS fans get the coverage and well-written stories we deserve, I guess. The Guelph Mercury provided that in the past with the Gryphons and Guelph Storm in the OHL, but it is falling down on the job this year and its coverage has slighted out-of-town teams. Their feet should be held to the fire.