Football: CEGEP receiver runs deep route to Ottawa

Tongue-in-cheek, you might say an OUA team winning a Vanier Cup played in Quebec is already paying dividends. Renaud Labrecque, a wide receiver who seems rather fleet of foot, has committed to the Ottawa Gee-Gees.

It sounds like Labrecque opted for the OUA since it is a conference where teams air it out. Ottawa's Brad Sinopoli might be the best QB in the province since Dan Brannagan, Michael Faulds and Justin Dunk have each graduated.

This certainly doesn't mean there will be a flood of CEGEP players coming to Ontario. If anything, it might make the argument demand (the number of Québec players who can play in CIS) is exceeding supply (the number of roster spots in the six-team QUFL).

Allez Les Bleus, by the way, has a Google spreadsheet to keep tabs on recruiting announcements for players out of Quebec's CEGEP system.

Renaud Labrecque opte pour les Gee Gees (Richard Boutin, Le Journal de Quebec; via Allez Les Bleus and Le Pony Express)
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