Football: Interlock renewed, but options kept open

We're late to the game on the much-discussed reduction of interlocking play between the QUFL and AUS conferences. A few points:
  • The Québec conference adding a ninth game to the schedule, but the marginal benefit of doing so is not clear. It might ultimately be better for the players and fans get more games to watch, but it's dicey to have an odd number of regular-season games.

  • This has to push expansion in the AUS. They cannot be overly happy to be returning to having teams play each other three times a year. The league needs to grow from four to six teams like yesterday.

    At least Mount Allison doesn't face another trip to Laval any time soon.

  • Where is the OUA in all this? Queen's winning the Vanier Cup doesn't change the feeling that it would be easier to sell tickets if Laval or Montreal was coming into town instead of York and Toronto. The sticking point is the status quo will be desirable so long as the conference has a bye into the semifinal for the top two seeds. It's too chancy (and the OUA will never go back to a four-team post-season tournament, or eight, unless its numbers change).
Nouvelle entente entre le Québec et l’Atlantique (Richard Boutin, Le Journal de Québec)
AUS, Quebec renew interlock; Laval-SMU matchup highlight of 2010 (Monty Mosher, Halifax Chronicle-Herald)
Le retour de l'Interlock... à demi... (Allez Les Bleus)
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  1. There are really not many options for that division unless they get New Brunswick (or someone else) back in the league. I actually think it will be tough for two teams to play each other 3 times (possibly 4 times) in one season. So if we look at SMU they could by playing St of X 4 times and Laval 1 time (not fun for SMU). I compare it to say Calgary playing Saskatchewan 4 times, or Laval and Montreal or Laurier and Western (who I think will be the top 2 teams in the each division in 2010). This schedule is either going to make SMU a great team or a very tired injured team come playoff time.

  2. I'v always liked the Saint Mary's & Laval games in the past. Laval is like a well oiled machine who beats teams with skill, SMU is a physical blue collar team who likes to have a street fight, for this reason these teams match up well. Looking forward to 2010 already!