Football: Arrrrg-woes don't do university game many favours

When the CFL sneezes, CIS may catch cold, meaning the situation with the Toronto Argonauts is a concern.

So, where to begin with the Boatmen sinking (so, so sorry) into despair and disrepute? There was a speculative report Michael O'Shea, the former Guelph star, being considered for the coaching gig, although that came off like it was written on a lark. (More likely they hire the other Greg Marshall, the long-time defensive coordinator, not the Western coach.) The Argos were shot down on their attempt to move to BMO Field (footy fans, rejoice!). They get use of Rogers Centre rent-free, but it is a double-edged deal when the building's owners are aiming to bring in the NFL and the building itself is no longer a draw.

Then again, it might not be a huge detriment.

It is not clear that a CFL team having good support always spills over to the university team. Quebec and Saskatchewan support each well, but it's more like one city has the solid CFL team (Montreal, Regina) and one has a CIS team (Quebec City, Saskatoon). Some CIS teams located in CFL cities do not have good attendance, to put it mildly. An interest in the pros doesn't always lend itself to checking out the collegiate option.

Still, it is better to have Canadian football stay somewhat on the media's front burner. There are plenty of reasons CIS football has gasped for airtime, so to speak, that have little to do with the CFL, but solving the situation in Southern Ontario would not hurt.

and fired coach Bart Andrus never adapted to coaching football in Canada.

Dave Naylor had a post on Tuesday night .

O'Shea in line to coach Argos?; Former CFL great mentioned as possible candidate to take over for Bart Andrus (Robert MacLeod,
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  1. I obviously appreciate the unlikely degree of this but what are the odds Western's Greg Marshall is hired as the Argos boss? Obviously I think hes got a gig hes pretty pleased with but is there a chance? You never know. Especially with this Argos management.

  2. What was deal with Bart Andrus' hair?
    Even Elvis' hair wasn't THAT black!

    Anyway...concerning the CIS Greg Marshall, recalling how his stint as the Ti-Cats main man turned out, I wouldn't exactly be all over the Argo job.
    He's got a nice thing going at the university level, and coaching in the CFL, especially at a hell hole like Argoland, isn't the be all and end all.

  3. I believe Greg Marshall was questioned for the way he ran the team and it seemed like he was better suited to a university situation rather than a professional one - maybe sort of like Nick Saban? I don't think the Argos will go down that route.

  4. I'm still waiting on word on a new Argos stadium plan, mainly because I believe it will help the CIS. The most ideal location in town (UofT) is now written off (thanks to UofT themselves) but the Argos had made a deal with York after that plan was initially kyboshed. Why isn't there discussion to resurrect that initiative?

    York would love that attention and they desperately need a new stadium anyhow. And while it's definitely not the best location around town the Argos would suddenly have a stadium much more suited to the CFL.

    The Ti-Cats will have a new stadium thanks to the Pan Am Games, Ottawa will have a new stadium as well when that team returns, the Double Blue are about to be left behind!