Football: Lancers' Matt Morencie joins Regina's Sisco in Shrine Game

It's a Festivus miracle for the Morencies.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats offensive lineman Matt Morencie has been selected for the next month's East-West Shrine Game, a post-season showcase for the NFL draft. It also appears his dad Mike Morencie is returning to coach the Windsor Lancers in 2010, despite going 7-17 the past three seasons.

The younger Morencie, who is the first Lancer ever selected for the game, will be on the East team for the Jan. 23 game in Orlando. Regina slotback Jordan Sisco is playing for the West, as previously noted.

It's a prestigious honour. It says a lot that Morencie could get picked while playing centre on a Lancers team which outscored only U of T and York and was 26th of 27 teams in total offence and passing. (Windsor and York were the only teams in the country which failed to crack 1,000 yards either rushing or passing.) That speaks to his talent, and probably the mental aspect. A lot of players would tank it in that situation. So, there are some positives taking place with Windsor's team.

The son's success might ultimately be responsible for his father keeping his job. The understanding is Mike Morencie still has one year left on the contract he was signed to by a long-departed administrator, which makes the situation an OUA equivalent to the Toronto Blue Jays being stuck with Vernon Wells in centrefield. Apparently, keeping Morencie was viewed as what was best for Windsor's bottom line.

As for the selection itself, it might be the CIS rep is based on a filling a position. There were already seven linebackers on the East roster and only one player listed as a center.

No doubt Morencie and Sisco will do CIS proud next month.

(Putting "B.C. Lions offensive lineman" would have been tacky.)
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  1. This post should have read

    "B.C. Lions Offensive Lineman Matt Morencie"

    Such a flawed system, such an embarassment on our glorious game

  2. Any thoughts on why Cory Greenwood was overlooked?

  3. It's an early Festivus miracle. Is nothing sacred?

  4. I count seven linebackers on the East roster. One wonders if the selection isn't based on filling a need. There is only one centre listed, Jim Cordle of Ohio State.