Football: 4 Golden Hawks in Forde's CFL draft rankings

In Duane Forde's considered opinion, it is a deep draft for CIS talent.

The TSN football analyst's latest CFL draft rankings, which list the top 5 at each position group (save quarterback), is two-thirds made up CIS players (23 of 35). No offensive linemen were mentioned, but the breakdown goes five receivers, four running backs, three D-linemen, four linebackers, four defensive backs and three kicking specialists.

Several schools had multiple players ranked:
  • Laurier (4): FB Mike Montoya, REC Josh Bishop, DE Chima Ihekwoaba, CB Taurean Allen
  • Concordia (2): LB Cory Greenwood, REC Cory Watson (each No. 1 in their group)
  • St. Francis Xavier (2): WR Akeem Foster, DB Cauchy Muamba (DB Nick Riva also got a mention as a darkhorse pick)
  • Saskatchewan (2): DB Jon Krahenbil, DB-K Grant Shaw
  • Sherbrooke (2): RB Pascal Fils, CB Ludovic Kashindi
  • Queen's (2): LB Shomari Williams, LB Chris Smith
  • Manitoba (2): DT Eddie Steele, RB Matt Henry
Forde: Breaking down the 2010 CFL draft (
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  1. Apparently even after the playoff run, Jimmy Allin still can't get no respect.

  2. It's a good sentiment, notwithstanding that Jimmy likely was not included since as a fifth-year player, he's not covered by the draft and is a free agent.