Vanier Cup predictions

Just in time for the game, our panelists (and a few guests) put their predictions on the record.

Jared Book: Laval 38, Calgary 19
Andrew Bucholtz: Laval 31, Calgary 24
Brian Decker: Calgary 26, Laval 24
Evan Daum: Laval 24, Calgary 21
Justin Dunk, The Score's University Rush: Calgary 24, Laval 21
Deux Fans, AllezLesBleus!: Laval 27, Calgary 20
David Kilfoil: Calgary 30, Laval 24
Mark Masters, National Post: Laval 20, Calgary 17
Rob Pettapiece: Laval 21, Calgary 19
Neate Sager: Laval 19, Calgary 17

Median prediction: Laval 24, Calgary 21

Last year's median prediction was Queen's 32, Calgary 31, exactly one point off the final score of 33-31. While it would be excellent for the wisdom of this small crowd to be that close again, I doubt it will happen...
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