Linking the country, Vanier edition

42 more minutes and this post would have a later start time than the national championship ...

Checking the weather is part of being a sports fan, but checking the sunset time seems to be unique to CIS football. Because the national championship is being held at a stadium without proper lighting, again, it has to start at the ridiculous 11:45am ET (9:45am Calgary time) on Saturday. (The Globe and Mail)

Deux Fans, after the Carabins' DL David Ménard lost rookie of the year to Calgary QB Eric Dzwilewski, cannot understand "how it is that a No. 2 quarterback, who started three games and had a completion rate barely over 50%" could beat Ménard. (Sam Sabourin, according to them, would have been a fine choice, so it's not just about a Carabin losing.) They propose that the participants in the FRC-CIS poll (which is "usually representative") vote on the major awards, hopefully making the panel more serious, less biased, and not a bunch of clowns. (Allez Les Bleus!)

And here is the story about Dzwilewski's win. (Calgary Herald)

Saskatchewan QB Laurence Nixon tweeted during the awards ceremony, including this priceless shot of the dessert (at right). Nixon loses points for his choice of beer, though.

Pascal Masson, one of many assistant coaches at Laval, appreciates how the Rouge et Or program is operated. Oddly, the writer calls Laval "the benchmark for Canadian university football" but only glosses over their financial advantages, which might just kind of be important to their benchmark status. (Calgary Herald)

Time to play "Can You Write A Similar But Better Lede For The Calgary Sun?" My entry: "They may be the Rouge et Or, but to the rest of Canada they're the bleu-print." I think I succeeded. (Calgary Sun)

I know this is the Dinos' third time there in three years, but how can you go to Quebec City and not want to see any of it? (Calgary Herald)

On second thought, saying "third time in three years" doesn't make it clear that, in the first two years, their season ended in Quebec City. So maybe that's why they just want to win the game. (Calgary Sun)

Erik Glavic is profiled by his basically-hometown paper, including a note that Glavic "was not drafted by a CFL team and has made it clear that his future is in marketing for an oil and gas company in Calgary". (Toronto Star)

Add Chris Cochrane to the list of people approving of the Vanier-Grey pairing. (The Chronicle-Herald)
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  1. Thanks Rob, but we said in the text à peine d'au-dessus de 50%, meaning, barely over 50%. :)

    Our take on the pairing of the Vanier-Grey Cup, is that it is probably good for the CIS Football because of the visibility brought by almost all the national medias, but for the true fan of CIS football, it's a lost.

    Vanier Cup will look like a second-class product, a cheap imitation of it's CFL big brother, as for us, it's a different product needing to be marketed accordingly.

    Even market wise, it's a bit weird, as some programs are very popular where there's no CFL team : Laval, Western, Sherbrooke, Halifax, etc...

  2. Thanks, fixed. My translation skills aren't good enough.

  3. Also, I only skimmed the post, so I probably just saw the 50% number and assumed you meant "less than."