Women's Soccer: A brief addendum (Canada West does it right)

Congratulations where it's due: Canada West Universities Athletic Association have the CIS women's soccer seedings all sorted out just a few hours after the games finished. Usually we'd have to wait a day or two for that. Certainly beat me to it.

For those interested, here it is:

Cape Breton vs. Queen’s
Fraser Valley vs. Laval
Wilfrid Laurier vs. UBC
Montreal vs. UPEI

There's a bit more info in the Canada West article linked above. The biggest seeding winners (and I'll preview the tournament properly before Thursday) are the Cascades, whose improbable Canada West victory puts them up against Laval in a winnable match.

The major disappointment is that a lot of very strong teams didn't qualify (I'm looking in the direction of Langley, B.C.) which might dampen the skill level on display a tad. On the other hand, the fixtures are generally a little more even, meaning more chance of upsets.

One final piece of info out of the Canada West article: it says SSN will be webcasting the CIS women's soccer nationals. While this has been the case in the last couple of years, there had been no indication of it on SSN's site--and there still isn't, at least as of this writing.
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