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Arden Zwelling, after driving far too many kilometres, filed copy for the UWO Gazette and, and liveblogged for The Score with Justin Dunk. Hitting it out of the park in all places. When a Queen'sman says "a job awesomely done" about a Western student, you know it was good.

Our liveblog was late in getting started because I slept in, and Deux Fans were slightly late because of a 15% discount on liquor. The fun never stops in the CIS blogging world. (

It was "ball-busting cold" in Calgary, says Monty Mosher. He was speaking literally, and click through to find out why. (The Chronicle-Herald)

Here's linebacker Jason Kosec's story, who was on academic probation before returning to the Mustangs. Money quote: "I’m glad I got kicked out of Western. It worked in my favour, lit a fire under my ass." (Toronto Star)


Dal beat St. F-X Saturday night; the X-Men were 5th in RPI going into the game. I had them a little higher than that in our informal, not-actually-published preseason rankings. They've only played two conference games so far--some Canada West teams have played 10--so it's hard to say where they really rank this year.


Nipissing pushed Lakehead to a shootout on Saturday after getting trounced 10-1 on Friday. The only win by an OUA East team on the crossover day was by UQTR, over Windsor in a shootout, but that's a little misleading since Friday's games were much more balanced. (North Bay Nugget)
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  1. Other than Western getting ripped off for another 10 yard penalty for the so called 13 man in the huddle rule at the beginning of the final drive, the results overall were fair. Western fans like myself still waiting to get back to Vanier and repeat our last win from 1994 were delighted to see the bend but not fold Western defense who held Laval to no TD.

    Congrats to Western for getting this far and taking Yates. This trumps the 2003 Churchill Bowl against Laval in Hamilton as the most disappointing for Marshall at Mac where he had a far better offense with Adam Archibald at the helm and nothing as fierce as the present Western defense. Western offensive coordinators have some navel gazing over the of season to determine if it was a personnel or game plan issue that let them down yesterday. Certainly Laval defense played well but Western finished in the middle of the OUA this year is passing overall yardage with a perhaps dominant running game

    Good luck to Calgary and Laval. Having gone to PEPS last year with my 2 kids(both at Queen's) I am cheering for Dinos next week, who deserved better last year.

  2. western also got a gift when mini me fumbled and the ball was handed back to western. replay clearly showed he was NOT down.

  3. How is a 13 men in the huddle call in any way arguable? Seems pretty black and white to me...
    And four picks from QB Jr. tells me it's a personnel issue and not a gameplan issue. No gameplan in the world (except maybe an Army/Navy style Triple Option offense) can account for 69 yards passing and four picks and still win. I've been saying for a long time Marshall was going to regret starting his kid, and though they got much further despite him than I ever imagined, they finally proved me right on Saturday

  4. Fair point. I gather the 13 men in huddle infraction is determined at the instant of player substitution into the huddle, a QConference rule rather than CIS rule. Marshall SR. finally got it clarified in the 3rd quarter after several similar calls including one against Laval in 1st quarter.

    That being said, Western did not adjust to the rule. In fact I am not sure after the first quarter their offense adjusted to much. Obvious even to non football coaches like me. Check Western Mustangs live blog of Uteck game to see many including myself yelling at Greg Marshall after first quarter. Options included putting Ian Noble in at QB who at least could see over the Laval rushing linemen. Obvious that Constantin had figured out Western would only be passing outside routes. Thus seal outside routes, hold Hipperson on the run and voila, a likely INT or two or three will ensue. First play of Western possession long bomb call for INT can be traced back to Western teams of the late 1970's. One Western play not much used was roll right on play action to at least get over the middle targets away from height of rushing down linemen

    Wonder if any coaches on sideline or spotters in press box saw the same or figured Greg would be oblivious anyways. Adjustments made but not efficient. Credit to Laval handling the passing offense of Western with excellent DB coverage and fierce run defending by lineman and linebackers.

    Congrats nonetheless to Mustangs, especially Defense . Feather in cap for Marshall and Mustangs(as continual bridesmaids) would be for potent team(Calgary) with A list QB like Glavic to be held to 15 points or under at upcoming Vanier with Laval scoring the ton of points they are used to score, with Laval winning Vanier.

    Good luck to both Calgary and Laval. Hope as fan of CIS and convergence of quality, Laval gets their deserved comeuppance and gets thrashed. Think Blake Nill is second best coach in CIS and deserving of win this year. Just hope that Calgary doesn't lay an egg like they did last year in second half of Vanier.

    Bob from Burlington