Football: Mitchell Bowl preview: Huskies/Dinos

Our football game previews continue with the Mitchell Bowl, with commentary from Jared Book, Evan Daum, Neate Sager, and Rob Pettapiece.

All stats in the "overall" section refer to the regular season and playoffs; all others are regular-season only. Explanations can be found in the Loney Bowl preview. See also the previous commentary for Saint Mary's and Calgary in their respective conference championship previews.

Saint Mary's Huskies at Calgary Dinos
1:30pm MT / 4:30pm AT / 3:30pm ET

RPI (rank)103

Rob: Saskatchewan's loss in the Canada West semifinals sure made Calgary's path to the Vanier that much easier to traverse. It's tough to judge the strength of the champion of the AUS when they only played one team outside of the conference, and that team was Laval...but I don't think SMU has a good chance of winning this.

Jared: Saint Mary's has been on a tear lately as they go against the Dinos, but I feel that the competition Calgary went though in Canada West is much superior to anything the Huskies have seen (save possibly Laval) and it should be relatively easy for Calgary in this one.

Pass Yards/Game187.8199.6
(CIS rank)2221
Surplus Passing164
(CIS rank)911
Rush Yards/Game183.4248.2
(CIS rank)62
Surplus Rushing1436
(CIS rank)73

Pass Yards/Game153.1267.1
(CIS rank)122
Surplus Passing-18-27
(CIS rank)63
Rush Yards/Game108.0156.5
(CIS rank)615
Surplus Rushing-149
(CIS rank)816

Evan: While the Dinos can be beat through the air defensively, their offence is simply too potent with Erik Glavic at the controls. Look no further than the 56 spot Calgary put up on Alberta a week ago in the Hardy Cup.

Rob: Actually, Calgary's high passing totals against can mostly be explained by how often their opponents pass the ball: they have third-best per-attempt passing in CIS. Other than that I agree completely.

Also, Jahmeek Taylor is back in the lineup for the Mitchell Bowl after his one-game SMU-imposed suspension, but you won't be able to talk to him about anything. Big ups to SMU for a completely rational approach to media relations.

Nov. 21, 2009: CAL 38-SMU 14.

Rob: Not much to say about the 2009 Uteck Bowl; home-field advantage clearly didn't matter to SMU as they lost by 24, falling victim to that mighty Calgary rushing offence. This game is also remembered for Blake Nill's "verbal altercation" with his son on the sideline, an incident Neate called "angry-bully behaviour."


Jared: Calgary 36, Saint Mary's 10.

Rob: Calgary 35, SMU 11. One touchdown and some garbage-time conceded safeties for the Huskies is all I think they'll get. (And despite evidence to the contrary, I didn't see Jared's pick before making mine.)

Neate; Calgary 34, SMU 14. The Mitchell could be the biggest bowl blowout in the West since Calgary-Carleton in '85.

Evan: SMU certainly isn't Alberta, but regardless they will be hard-pressed to keep pace with the Dinos at McMahon Stadium (even though the weather could slow Calgary's aerial attack). With Matt Walter in the backfield, and explosive returners, the Dinos will get back to Quebec City. Calgary 31, SMU 20.
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  1. I feel the predictions for this game read like bids on the Price is Right... Is it just me?