Linking the country ...

(There isn't time to talk about everything, but some things can't be ignored.)

  • No ownership deal is yet in place for the Toronto Argonauts. (Globe & Mail)
  • With St. FX now 13-0, observers are daring to pull out the comparisons to halcyon days of Randy Nohr, Fred Perry, Dennie Oliver and Jordan Croucher on the 2000 and '01 national championship teams.

    The current X-Men play Cape Breton in two weeks' time. (Halifax Chronicle-Herald)

  • Has Saskatchewan found the missing link to playoff success, now that is Mike Linklater is back up to full speed as Showron Glover's backcourt running mate?

    You know the vitals: Last weekend vs. Manitoba Glover had the hoops Huskies' first triple-double and Linklater tied a Canada West record with 10 steals in a game. (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix)

  • How did McMaster (10-6 in the OUA West, beat St. FX once upon a time in non-conference play) get left out the men's Top 10 poll? (The Silhouette)

  • With Jessica Clémençon proving so hard to stop, it is possibly that the No. 3 Windsor women's opponents might try to make a few "Clémençon sandwiches" and defy the Lancers' perimeter players to make open shots. (Windsor Star)

  • Forward Lisa Furchner has come to the fore for the Laurentian Lady Vees, whose 6-1 run since the start of the New Year has them in the thick of an unpredictable OUA East. First-place Carleton moved into the Top 10 poll on Tuesday and Queen's also can't be counted out. (Sudbury Star)

  • Off-topic: Did everyone see the Syracuse Orange is 22-1, and Montrealer Kris Joseph hooped 23 vs. Providence on Tuesday? (
  • Guelph centre Jessica Zerafa has had a nice comeback after breaking her leg late last season. (Speak Into The Mike)

  • Streaming Sports Network Canada has a new edition of Women's Hockey Weekly.

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  1. "How did McMaster (10-6 in the OUA West, beat St. FX once upon a time in non-conference play) get left out the men's Top 10 poll?"

    Gee, that's a damn good question, Neate.
    Seriously, does the term "strength of schedule" mean anything to the voters?
    Apparently not.
    How a team with a 2-8 record against teams with a .500 or better record
    rates a top top 10 berth over a team that has a 7-6 record over .500 or better teams beats me.
    Dal isn't even the best team in Halifax for pete's sake.
    Every time Dal plays a legitimate contender they get smoked like a Cuban cigar.
    So what if they held UPEI to an effective 37% shooting rate.
    Hell, who doesn't?
    The only way Dal can be justified as top 10 material is if they pull out a win in Antigonish.
    But they won't.
    Maybe another beat down from X will finally give voters a clue.

  2. St. FX can win as many games as they want in the AUS. They are going to hit the wall at the CIS championships the moment they play Carleton or Ottawa, among others.

  3. Jason, maybe they will, maybe they won't. The disparaging remarks against the AUS do get a little tiresome though. Many have based their opinions about AUS on the preseason. The preseason obviously, is meant to help the coach see where his new players fit against the different styles of of play that the opposition throws at them. Many factors affect the final results; new player combos, injuries, etc. Cape Breton and X are the cream of the crop down here, no doubt. They deserve to be ranked as they presently are. Some might make the case that X should be ranked 2nd (keeping in mind their no loss record so far and the fact that over Christmas they beat Ottawa). I'm not sure about the rankings, but I can tell you that I've seen every CIS team, except MUN, play this season. X and CB work for their victories against some suprisingly tough opposition. I suspect that the AUS is a micro version of what you are accustomed to in Ontario. Some great teams, some middle of the road and some struggling.