Basketball: Player of the year: possible conference nominees (men's edition)

This is not a complete and final list of top performers like this one from last year, because some conferences aren't done yet and I need the totals for the entire league. But we can look at preliminary leaders in each conference, as a precursor to their respective player-of-the-year nominees. In other words, your short list of nominees should include each of these players, but may also include others as well.

No commentary is provided below, since I will do that in more detail with the final rankings (due to come after all regular-season games are completed). I also haven't included the actual number I used to rank everyone; it is essentially a poor-man's version of PER, but the details don't matter to us for now. This is all about making a short list of possible nominees, and providing a basis for debates (well, and also acting as a sneak preview for my end-of-year rankings, too).

Anyone with 400 or more minutes (20:00 times 20 games) qualifies for these lists (though I relaxed the requirements here and there). Players are listed in alphabetical order, and the number of players per conference equals the number of teams in that conference.

Canada West
Ross Bekkering, Calgary
Dany Charlery, Brandon
Jacob Doerksen, Trinity Western
Tyler Fidler, Calgary
Sean Garvey, Thompson Rivers
Showron Glover, Saskatchewan
Troy Gottselig, Saskatchewan
Kris Heshka, Regina
Michael Lieffers, Saskatchewan
Michael Linklater, Saskatchewan
Jeff Price, Lethbridge
Robbie Sihota, Calgary
Greg Stewart, Thompson Rivers
Josh Whyte, UBC

Boris Bakovic, Ryerson
Josh Gibson-Bascombe, Ottawa
Tyson Hinz, Carleton
Keenan Jeppesen, McMaster
Dejan Kravic, York
Isaac Kuon, Windsor
Mitch Leger, Queen's
Nick Magalas, Toronto
Kevin McCleery, Carleton
Jay Mott, Guelph
Jamie Searle, Lakehead
Clinton Springer-Williams, Brock
Andre Smyth, Windsor
Elliot Thompson, Carleton
Warren Ward, Ottawa
Andrew Wedemire, Western

Matthew Thornhill, McGill
Hermon Tesfaghebriel, Bishop's
Evens Laroche, Concordia
Michael White, McGill
Olivier Bouchard, McGill

Scott Jaspers-Fayer, CBU
Joey Haywood, SMU
Christian Upshaw, St. F-X
Simon Farine, Dalhousie
Alex Desroches, UNB
William Silver, St. F-X
Phillip Nkrumah, CBU
Alberto Rodriguez, St. F-X

Not listed above, but tops on their team: Acadia's Alexander Traikov, Alberta's Jordan Baker, Laurentian's Manny Pasquale, Laurier's Kale Harrison, Manitoba's Eric Garcia, Memorial's Jason Shepherd, RMC's Simon Dakin, SFU's Matt Kuzminski, UFV's Sam Freeman, UPEI's Manock Lual, Victoria's Zac Andrus, Waterloo's Matt Hayes, and Winnipeg's Nick Lother.
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