Football: York alum Foley auditions for Patriots

Ricky Foley's tour of NFL facilities will take him to New England on Thursday:
"Foley is reportedly scheduled to meet and workout with the New England Patriots of the National Football League on Thursday.

"The Patriots, who have lacked a dangerous pass rush for the past two seasons, are hoping a player like Foley -- the CFL Canadian Player of the Year -- could help fix the Pats most glaring defensive problem."
The St. Louis Rams are also a possibility for the York Lions grad, but you'd rather see him in New England than with the Rams, would you not. You might pure flat-out loath the Patriots, but they're kind of a better organization than the Rams, who might be able to offer Foley more money but also might not be long for St. Louis.

Then again, if a Toronto group really is interested in moving the Rams to Canada ...

Ricky Foley has his sights set on the NFL (Kelcey Brade,
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