Basketball: Western women added talented transfer, Jacklyn Selfe

Women's basketball in the OUA West last season was the Big One (Windsor) and the Other Seven, but Western having National Elite Development Agency alumna Jacklyn Selfe set to play in January might alter the dynamic.

Selfe, a 5-foot-10 guard with extensive Team Ontario experience, has transferred in after a half-season at Troy in the Sun Belt Conference. identified her as one of the top 10 players in Canada in the class of 2008. With the graduation of Bess Lennox, Western is going to need someone to step up scoring-wise and the rebounding might have to become more of a group effort, so having a big guard would not hurt in that respect.
"This is great news for our program. To welcome in a player of Jacklyn's calibre has us very excited I've known Jacklyn for the greater part of her high school career and was always impressed with her on the court as well as how she conducted herself off the court. As a player she is a constant triple threat, being a superb passer, shooter and ball-handler." — Western women's coach Steph Barrie, via press release
Selfe has been occasionally limited on the court by compartment syndrome which — as near as this former English major can understand — is a cause of what used to be known more casually as shin splints. Western does have an excellent sports therapy clinic, so that should help Selfe.

Meantime, pun aficionados can look forward to the first time Selfe finds a Mustangs teammate for an open layup and the play-by-play announcer calls it a "Selfe-less act." Sorry, that was terrible.
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