Football: Lee and Andrew Harris, running in tandem (someday)

It's more idle talk at this point, but out in B.C. there's speculation about the Lions someday having two Canadian tailbacks: Jamall Lee, a West Coast guy who played university football back East at Bishop's, and Andrew Harris, a Winnipegger who plays junior football in Vancouver.

" 'We (Canadians) can play ball too, right?' says Harris. 'A lot of Americans come up here and they're shell-shocked, because it's such a different game. Being a Canadian can play into your favour in most situations.'

"Harris has broached the northern backfield idea with Lee, a two-time CIS rushing champion from Bishop's, via Facebook.

" 'I told him, "You've gotta come back to make an all-Canadian backfield," ' Harris says. 'That would be pretty cool. But I'm still a while away from that possibility. I just got to take it day by day so I can get there.' "
For that scenario to happen, correct me if I'm wrong (please!), the Lions would need to be able to draft Andrew Harris in a year's time. He's at their camp on a territorial exemption.

Still, after seeing his highlight reel, it's fun to imagine him and Lee lining up together. Harris looks pretty impressive.

(And of course, the Edmonton Eskimos are trying a Canadian tailback platoon with former McMaster Hec Crighton Trophy winner Jesse Lumsden and Calvin McCarty.)

Lions backfield could make Canada proud (Mike Beamish, Canwest News Service)
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  1. That Harris RB seems very impressive, but the Youtube video speed variation makes it very tough to figure how fast he really is...

    We're not sure that Jamall Lee will come into the CFL soon. We think the Panthers will give him a fair chance... especially after reading the Charlotte Observer article that you posted last week...

  2. Lee I think will at least make a practise roster in the NFL this year based on his athletic potential. If it doesnt work out, I am sure he would gladly play for the Lions as a RB. The SB stuff I would take as an insult.

  3. Going from RB to SB is more of a compliment in my mind, than an insult.

    It shows great confidence from your coach in your other areas of athleticism; catching, blocking (downfield) among other things.

    Wish the best of luck to the both of them, especially my former team mate H20!