Western player going to Women's Lacrosse World Cup

Chances are you might not be checking out the OUA website regularly in June, so you might have missed the news that Western Mustangs attackwoman Lindsay Doxtator is playing for the Haudenosaunee entry at the Women's Lacrosse World Cup which begins next week in Prague.

For generations there was a taboo against women taking up the stick, as the release explains:
"The Haudenosaunee will be the first team of women to represent the indigenous peoples of the Americas in the Women's World Cup. Lacrosse is seen as a sacred sport to the Iroquois and was traditionally a sport reserved for only men. In earlier tournaments, clan mothers protested the women's team playing the sacred sport and threatened to lay down on the field to prevent them from playing."
The mere fact there is a Haudenosaunee team seems pretty significant. Doxtator, who's from Six Nations, is one of only two players from a Canadian university going to the tournament.
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