Football: Stampeders have new role for Chevrier

Former J.P. Metras Trophy winner Randy Chevrier, who's earned two Grey Cup rings as a defensive tackle and long snapper, is moving over from the dark side to the more cerebral side of the ball, according to Herald beat writer Allan Cameron's blog:
"Got my first look at the depth chart for training camp, and a couple things jumped out at me: notably, Randy Chevrier being shifted to offensive line (a move to add some depth during games)."
Chevrier will turn 33 years old on Saturday. It's a unique move, but evidently Calgary must really value his long snapping. As Stampeders coach John Hufnagel went on to explain:
"Chevy is what he is as a defensive lineman. If he's needed, he's very capable ... But the defence, for the most part, played without Chevy in the rotation. So I thought this would be a great opportunity for him, so that if needed to play, he'd have a training camp under his belt of practising the position . . . He accepted it very well."

One need not be a writer for Sports Illustrated to appreciate a good snapper.
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