Football: 'Riders "clamoured" about Clermont

Rider Rumblings has a Q&A with Saskatchewan Roughriders GM Eric Tillman, mostly revolving around the possibility of picking up Jason Clermont, who was cut loose Wednesday by the B.C. Lions. Tillman says he has been "clamoured" (new word alert!) about picking up the former Regina Rams star. In Tillman's word, as told to the Regina reporters:
"At this point, everything we talk about is strictly preliminary. But are we interested in talking to him? Yes, we are. I’m sure that we’ll have those discussions. As to whether it will go beyond just the simple discussion stage, I have no idea at this point."
The Riders' Canadian receiving corps include Western alum Andy Fantuz, Rob Bagg (Queen's) and veteran Corey Grant (Laurier). Clermont and Fantuz are each possession receivers, so it's hard to imagine how they would mesh if they were on the field together, especially since CFL teams seem to catching on to the idea of the "small slotback," who's got more of running back's skillset. (Nik Lewis in Calgary and the 'Riders' D.J. Flick come to mind.)
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