Basketball: There's a team out East which reads Smart-re

Howard Tsumura out at the Vancouver Province has a nice feature on UBC men's basketball captain Matt Rachar. The forward on the No. 2-ranked Thunderbirds is a philosophy major -- fairly rare for an athlete.
" 'I was reading some Albert Camus the other day,' continued Rachar of the French philosopher, author and Nobel Prize winner. 'He was one of our deepest thinkers on morality and ethics and he said some stuff that really boggled my mind. He said that everything you learn about the duty of man and ethics, you learn from sports. Group dynamics, what it means to owe somebody, to have a duty and an obligation. He said that you'll never get that more clearly than with a sports team.' "
As Tsumura details, Rachar has played in 130 straight games, which is no mean feat.

Rachar both ironman and Renaissance man with UBC's hoop 'Birds (Howard Tsumura, Little Man on Campus)
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  1. His name is Matt Rachar

  2. Thanks, obviously the double-T's threw me off. Fixed now.