Hockey: Brock goalie recuperating after jugular cut

It's nice to see that the follow-up on the scary situation involving Brock goalie Kurt Jory focused on both principals in the play.

It's hard to imagine what this has been like for the Windsor forward, Danny Anger, since Jory was cut by his skate blade last Saturday. You have to play hockey with that combination of fear and arrogance that as fast and physical as the game is -- and those skates and sticks aren't padded with foam rubber -- that that kind of injury isn't going to happen. Throw in the fact that this came in the last game before the exam break, when players are balancing hockey with a heavy aca with all the academic obligations, and it's a lot for someone to have on his plate.

Brock goalie recovering from severed jugular vein (Trevor Wilhelm, Windsor Star)
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