Football: 2009 OUA sked released

A quick take on the OUA football schedule, released today:
  • Having a Western-Ottawa Yates Cup rematch in Week 1 might help the Gee-Gees with student attendance. For TV purposes, it's a bit of a waste. The Score usually hasn't broadcast games on Labour Day weekend, when most people are away from their TV sets.

  • Having four of the five games on the Thanksgiving weekend on Thursday and Friday is a halfway measure. It's a good halfway measure, since those Saturday games can be a write-off attendance-wise.

    The OUA should try to go all the way and have everyone play on the same night (Queen's-Waterloo is on Saturday, presumably due to lighting issues). It's fair from a competitive standpoint.

    Western will get two more days than Queen's does to prepare for their game on Oct. 17, the following week. Toronto gets two more days than Waterloo does. Is the burden on the league for not going all the way with this, or for the schools for not having adequate lighting?

    (Greg Layson pointed this out during the season, since Western played U of T on a Thursday the week before it played Guelph.)

  • The Score might use that Oct. 10 weekend to go out-of-province for a QUFL game. Queen's-Waterloo won't be that scintillating.

  • Queen's fans should make note that the Gaels finish with Western and a road game vs. Laurier.

    The Golden Gaels went out in the first playoff game this season after a three-week stretch of beating a depleted Ottawa team, Waterloo, and having a bye. The season before, they played softies Waterloo and U of T before losing to Western in the quarter-final.
  • The teams who miss each other are Guelph and Windsor, McMaster and Ottawa, Queen's and Toronto, Waterloo and Western and Laurier and York.
  • Early guesses on a University Rush schedule:

    • Week 2: Laurier-Western
    • Week 3: Queen's-Ottawa
    • Week 4: Western-Guelph (over Laurier-McMaster)
    • Week 5: Ottawa-Laurier (over Mac-Western)
    • Week 6: QUFL game on Saturday, but Toronto-McMaster would at least let a couple other teams get on the air, if The Score can air a Thursday game in lieu of a NCAA game
    • Week 7: Western-Queen's
    • Week 8: Queen's-Laurier

    These are merely suggestions. Western should probably get some strong consideration for a fourth regular-season game, since they are the biggest draw and should pull in more casual fans after their Vanier Cup appearance.
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  1. I'm guessing Western-Guelph on The Score is the choice because it's Guelph's homecoming game.

  2. why wouldnt they put the york vs western homecoming game on the score? yes its york, but still homecoming at western doesnt get much better than that around the oua

  3. Well, this is just a suggested schedule based on what, based on last season, would be the most competitive games while spreading out the coverage among playoff teams.

    The schedule on the CIS website now lists the Windsor-Laurier game on Oct. 10 instead of Oct. 8. If that is the case, that would be one to air.

    Western might have the best homecoming now that a certain other "Old Four" school doesn't have one.

  4. Week one no game/week two is laurier vs western/week three is Laurier vs Waterloo/week four is western vs Guelph no other games are up yet.

  5. Hah, so I called 2 of the 3? Laurier-Waterloo was a second choice for Sept. 19 if they didn't want to venture outside the Horseshoe.

    Where did you see this listed? I know the Score sends out a Sept. schedule but it doesn't send one to me.

  6. I had asked for a schedule early in the year so I cold plan when to visit my son back east. He gave me the first three games...that was all that was done at the time.