Football: Opponents will Chase hotshot QB

The University of Missouri has Chase Daniel, but another U of M, Manitoba, has a new QB who might be nicknamed Chase of yesterday:
"Quarterback Khaleal Williams, with his million-dollar smile and curly, black locks -- making him an easy stand-in for Entourage main character Vincent Chase -- was front and centre at the Bison press conference yesterday, as the Manitoba football program unveiled five local recruits for the 2009 season. -- Winnipeg Sun
The TV reference is an eye-roller. Nevertheless, it's about selling the sizzle (Kramer used that expression in a Seinfeld episode when he started working at a company without being hired first)

Quarterback Nathan Friesen, who's also a Winnipeg Rifles alum, will return for his fifth season, as the article notes.

Bisons bag top gun; Former Rifles star QB brings along his entourage (Sun Media)
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