Football: Sign of the times

It is worth noting that the London Free Press, which is one of the biggest boosters of university sports among Ontario papers, is ceasing to be a seven-day-a-week paper.

Toronto Sun Family noted that the Freep is chopping its Sunday edition. It will change the nature of their comprehensive Mustangs coverage, which I do look forward to reading (my reasons are my own) each Sunday.

Not having a Sunday paper should not hurt the paper product. Mike Koreen at the Kingston Whig-Standard and Jim Wallace at the St. Catharines Standard, to name two sportswriters at dailies with no Sunday edition, are very good about filing for the web while covering weekend games. It's just another step in the changing media landscape.
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  1. Hi,
    The London Free Press will continue to cover all Western Mustangs football games as we have in the past. However, like our sister papers in Kingston and St. Catharines, we will now post the game stories and columns to the web in a timely fashion and follow up with second-day stories in the Monday editions.
    David Langford
    London Free Press sports editor

  2. Music to our ears, sir ... just figured it was noteworthy for our audience.

  3. Well done Neate. I did notice that impact of the cessation of the Sunday edition was supposed to be mitigated by an enhanced Saturday paper. I didn't notice much difference today. I'll miss the tabloid format for sure. Now that I know the sports editor reads and posts here, perhaps he'd like to acknowledge this reader as the person who had to call many years in a row to get them to dump the divisional standings format for the NHL and go to a conference view so we knew who was in/out of the playoffs? Each year as we got to crunch time I would call and remind and it would be done. Now it's in from day one. I am a media giant!

    Tim in London

  4. @myself:

    Sorry Freeps still arriving on Sunday till year end. My bad.

    Tim in London