OUA hoops game for expansion

Mark Wacyk of cishoops.ca mentioned in a post yesterday that the OUA might be welcoming two new basketball programs within the next few years: the Algoma Thunderbirds, who currently play in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association, are angling to join the OUA soon as the Sault Ste. Marie school gets full university status (it's currently a university-college).

The Nipissing Lakers from North Bay, in Mark's words, are "likely to field a men's basketball program by 2009-10."

That would bring the OUA from 16 to 18 teams. Since each team is paired with a division rival for scheduling purposes (for instance, Ottawa and Carleton will almost always play the same two teams every weekend), three divisions of six might be more feasible. In that case, the OUA could adopt the Canada West playoff format, holding a Final Four between a host school and three division champions to decide its representatives for the CIS Final 8.
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  1. Is Algoma aware that there is a fairly well-known CIS program that already goes by the name "Thunderbirds"?

  2. They'll have to become the Thunder Birds.

  3. Hey, how many Vaniers have we had between the Saint Mary's Huskies and Saskatchewan Huskies?