The Score Changes Its Game Plan

Call this decision a slam dunk: The OUA and The Score have changed plans for this week's University Rush game, deciding to cover the matchup of unbeatens, Laurier at Queen's, instead of winless Western's homecoming game against 1-3 Windsor.

The Gaels are going to be in tough against the Golden Hawks, but that's neither here nor there. The irony of the Mustangs losing a TV appearance is a bit rich. Western's former athletic director, Michael Lysko, if memory serves, cut a separate deal for TV coverage in 2006, so The Score wasn't able to show the Mustangs' homecoming. Now that the conference and network actually can this year, it's decided thanks, but no thanks.

The Score deserves a major hat tip for being flexible -- and listening to a discussion some of the diehards had on Monday. The Windsor-Western game is, at best, the fourth-most appealing OUA matchup this week. Unbeaten Ottawa's trip to McMaster and the Guelph-Waterloo game, which has major playoff implications, both would have been stellar choices.

Besides, the Mustangs might get that TV appearance back. The Score has left the Oct. 20 date open and the Waterloo-Western game that day will probably decide a playoff spot.

There Is Cable TV In The 613 (Out of Left Field, Aug. 13)
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  1. Good move by The Score, although that's tough to take, I'm sure, at Western.

  2. I can agree with the move in that a battle of two unbeaten teams is more intriguing than Western-Windsor.

    But as far as showcasing the OUA, it can't beat Homecoming weekend at Western.

    There will be, what, a couple thousand scattered fans at the game in Ottawa? Whereas in London there will be up tp 10,000 packed in for the Western tilt.

    The Ottawa-Queen's 'game' may be better, but the atmosphere won't be anywhere near what Western-Windsor is.

  3. The Scvore is showing the Laurier-Queen's game, not the Queen's-Ottawa game.

  4. Ottawa plays McMaster this weekend, in Hamilton, where there should be about 4,000-5,000 fans.

  5. Laurier...Ottawa...whatever, sorry, a typo on my part.

    It doesn't change my point.