Gee-Gees shift home game; plans to see Gaels crumble

Ottawa media are reporting that the south side stands at Lansdowne Park have reached "the end of their useful life." (CBC News at 6.)

In the short run, that's forced the Ottawa Gee-Gees to reschedule their football game against the Queen's Golden Gaels from Friday, Oct. 5 to the 6th. There's a rule that a football game can't be held at the same time as a hockey game in the Civic Centre, which is actually under the north side stands, and the Ontario Hockey League's 67's play at home Oct. 5. If the south stand was still available, it would have been possible to put all the spectators there.

In the longer term, what is uOttawa going to do about ensuring a successful football team has a place to play that's fit for university ball, and how much will Ottawa's politicians acknowledge the Gee-Gees' place in the local sports scene?

Not that it's about me, but I had made sure to get the 5th off to see my beloved Gaels in action and now face trying to convince a colleague to trade a day off on a holiday weekend. Maybe it's for the best it's a non-starter, since the Gaels have lost the last seven games I've attended in person.
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  1. There is the Doucet -Hume plan to hold an international competition for ideas to revitalize Lansdowne Park. On radio this morning it is said that the mayor opposes this plan, and claims to be talking to a group that will rebuild FC stadium and bring a CFL team here.
    My fear is that the mayor and city council are so antagonistic that they will fail to agree on anything and the stadium will be left to stagnate for a few more years.

  2. Well uOttawa has that long term plan to build a stadium on Mann avenue where the sandy Hill arena now stands. No time lines have ever been leaked but they better think of firming them up before FC is allowed to collapse.

    Or---let us sell Lansdowne to private developers, take the money and combine it with uOttawa's money, to build a 25,000 seater stadium right downtown on the Sandy Hill Arena site uOttawa uses it and the city gets to use it, and someday soon a CFL team--like McGill -Alouettes at Molson stadium.
    Then we can build that LRT system to get fans to the downtown stadium.
    Am I thinking to big for risk-averse Ottawans?

  3. Acknowledge that sports other than Senators hockey have a place in the culture? In Ottawa? ;)

  4. Okay-sseing that the Sens dominate sports in Ottawa--perhaps we should let them run all sport venues in Ottawa--and let them bring back pro baseball and football.