Mroué feeling a bit green?

A French-language report at suggests -- it's only a suggestion -- Ottawa native Joseph Mroué, who's gained a conference record 3,357 yards across the past four seasons with the Montréal Carabins, is leaning strongly toward jumping to the Sherbrooke Vert et Or for his final university season.

Mroue's decision not to play for Les Bleus was one thing, but outright defection to the U de S? No one saw that coming, if indeed that's the case. The understanding is he's starting a second degree, so he could play right away, but with a late start to practice, waiting a year might be preferable.

(UPDATE: Sherbrooke's sports information people say at this point it's just a rumour. Still, what a rumour.)

Montreal and second-year coach Marc Santerre is the program whom observers of the Quebec conference have in the crosshairs... there's been an issue with player retention that's included skill position players such as Mroué and wideout Yves Bériault electing not to play a fifth season there.

(Hat tip to and Babelfish since my French comprehension is pretty weak.)
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