Aulin signs on with Dinos

Former Kamloops Blazers captain Jared Aulin has signed on to play in CIS this season in Calgary:
Calgary native and former NHLer Jared Aulin headlines Dinos coach Scott Atkinson’s recruiting class for the 2007-08 season.

Aulin is a first-line centre that can score – he had 108 points in the 2000-01 WHL season with Kamloops – and brings big-league experience to Canada West.
Aulin played his only 17 NHL games with the Kings in 2002-03, and was a pretty decent scorer in the AHL over his three full seasons there. Barring his recent injury problems cropping up, he should be a dominant player this year at this level, something that will really help Calgary in Canada West. The Dinos were the second worst team in the conference last season and have a tough go playing teams like Alberta and UBC so often.

Aulin probably has the most pro hockey experience of anyone in CIS.

UPDATE The Globe and Mail's Al Maki has a nice piece on Aulin in the paper for Thursday.
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  1. Good job getting to this before I could! It seemed like a rotton shame for Jared to leave the game, so if he can rediscover the joy of the game playing CIS hockey, good for him!