Women's basketball: A Mustang in Bunbury

Former Mustang Bess Lennox has signed on with the Southwest Slammers in Western Australia's State Basketball League. (You remember Bess Lennox: rebounding machine, finalist for CIS women's player of the year, owner of last year's highest game score among players not named Kayla Dykstra.)

Not only has she signed a contract, she's already appeared in two games (see here). Moreover, she's led the team in minutes played in both of them. Her playing time might be a reflection of the quality of the league, but regardless...to hop off a plane and play 38 minutes isn't something we can all do. (It's actually quite impressive: games in this league are 40 minutes long, with a shorter half-time break than the CIS.)

Now, Australia is already on the other side of the world from London, Ontario, but Bunbury (somewhat near Perth), is actually on the other side of Australia from other Australian cities you can probably name. And, as the map on the right shows, the Slammers are the most distant team out of all 12 in the league. So any way you look at it, there's a lot of distance involved.

By the way, her Mustang profile page says she plans to travel after graduation. I think this qualifies.
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