Football: Chargers to try Martin at end, nosetackle

Some nice words about Vaughn Martin from Pro Football Weekly:
"From what we hear, San Diego is planning on taking advantage of Martin’s versatility within the club’s 3-4 scheme, lining him up mostly at defensive end but also getting him some snaps at nose tackle. We understand the Bolts’ hope is that the 23-year-old can be the eventual replacement for NT Jamal Williams, a three-time Pro Bowler but also an 11-year veteran with two bad knees. Coming from a different style of football in Canada, it will likely take Martin some time to adjust to the NFL. However, if he develops into the defensive force some think he can become, it will be yet another draft gem mined by GM A.J. Smith."
Chargers gambling on little-known Vaughn Martin to be next defensive force (Michael Blunda, Pro Football Weekly)
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1 comment:

  1. This is great for CIS football. I also believe Jamal Lee has at least a 50/50 chance of sticking with Carolina as they only have 5 rb's on their roster. Hopefully we will soon see 10-12 CIS grad in the NFL. We should have 4-6 this year.