Recession's effect not likely to be felt until 2010-11: Mosher

Monty Mosher offered a key bit of understanding earlier this week about how the recession will affect Canadian Interuniversity Sport schools:
"Any troubles this year could be the thin edge of the wedge. Universities fear a downturn in enrolments, given high tuitions and rising unemployment, which could impact future budgets.

AUS members had to make commitments to remain in their respective sports last fall. That means changes, if more are forthcoming, would be more likely for 2010-2011.
As an aside, Atlantic conference president Phil Currie is quoted, "In fact, even without the Final 8 (men’s basketball tournament), we probably had one of the best years we’ve ever had."

Just to be cheeky, if the AUS didn't need to host the Final 8 to make money, why were they so eager to get it back for 2011?

AUS hangs tough, for now (Monty Mosher, Halifax Chronicle-Herald)
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