Football: The CFL draft, by school

The Bishop's Gaiters, with running back Jamall Lee and linebacker James Yurichuk going back-to-back to the B.C. Lions with the Nos. 3-4 selections in the first round of the CFL Canadian college draft, obviously had the best day. Incidentally, the draft tracker on the mainpage of doesn't list the players' schools, which would seem to run counter to commissioner Mark Cohon's talk about playing up their ties with Canadian Interuniversity Sport.

Teams are listed in order of who had the first player taken from within their conference. Canada West had the No. 1 overall pick, so it gets the honour of going first.

Can West had the most players taken, 17. There were 10 drafted out of the 10-team OUA, but from only six schools. Seven players were taken out Québec and four from the Atlantic conference.

Concordia goes into next fall as the best team to not have a player taken in the '09 draft.


Alberta (2) — T Simeon Rottier (1st, Tiger-Cats), T-G Gordon Hinse (11th, Eskimos).

Calgary (3) — OL Dylan Steenbergen (7th, Als), DB James Green (18th, Argos), LB Andrea Bonaventura (20th, Eskimos)

Regina (5) — CB Tamon George (9th, 'Riders), OL Nick Hutchins (17th, 'Riders), OL John Hashem (24th, Stampeders), DL Stan Van Sichem (25th, Als) WR John Kanaroski (48th, Stampeders, making him Mr. Irrelevant).

Manitoba (1) — OL Matt Singer (15th, Als)

UBC (2) — OL Mike Morris (19th, Blue Bombers), DE Scott McCuaig (22nd, Tiger-Cats).

Saskatchewan (2) — DL Ivan Brown (31st, Als), SB Scott McHenry (32nd, Stampeders).

SFU (2) — DB Raymond Wladichuk (38th, Tiger-Cats) DB Anthony Deslauriers (42nd, Argos).


Queen's (3) — DT Dee Sterling (12th, Eskimos), DE Osie Ukwuoma (40th, Stampeders), LB Thaine Carter (45th, Blue Bombers). Some commentary on the Queen's guys is over at Out of Left Field.

Windsor (1) — OL Matt Morencie (21st, Lions).

Laurier (2) — OL Adam Bestard (27th, Blue Bombers), FB Peter Quinney (35th, Blue Bombers).

Western (2) — T Zach Pollari (26th, Argos), LB Jason Kosec (44th, Eskimos). The Argonauts like their Mustangs players. Western had only two players drafted off a team which won the Yates Cup, underlining the fact that they're still a relatively young team.

Guelph (1) — DB Brad Crawford (43rd, Argos).

Ottawa (1) — OL Ryan Mousseau (47th, Als).

Both of the players on the CFL scouting bureau list who went undrafted, Ottawa LB Mike Cornell and Toronto DB Matt Morris, are from Ontario schools. The conference also didn't have a skill-position player (QB, tailback, wideout or slotback) selected.


Laval (2) — DL Étienne Légaré (2nd, Argos), RB Guillaume Allard-Cameus (33rd, Tiger-Cats).

Bishop's (2) — RB Jamall Lee (3rd, Lions), LB James Yurichuk (4th, Lions).

Montréal (2) — DL Nickolas Morin-Soucy (23rd, Als), DE Jonathan Pierre-Étienne (37th, Lions)

Sherbrooke (1) — RB Benoit Boulanger (39th, Als).

Concordia — Mousseau (47th, Als) played four seasons with the Stingers before joining Ottawa for the 2008 season.


Acadia (1) — SB Matt Carter (5th, B.C. Lions).

Saint Mary's (1) — SB/FB Darcy Brown (6th, Hamilton). The reach of the first round. All the best to Brown, who didn't pick himself No. 6 overall.

St. Francis Xavier (2) — OL Steve Myddleton (30th, Calgary), OL Gordon Sawler (34th, Argos).

The Ticats' record with Canadian university players is hit-and-miss at best, as noted last night. It was last year that Hamilton was talking about making Queen's Mike Giffin a fullback, and now he's with Montreal.

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  1. Gordon Sawler is OL not DL, that was a typo

  2. Good catch. I don't know too much about him.

  3. Ryan Mousseau (47th - Als) was a product of Concordia, he changed school last year for the Gee Gees, he only played 2 regular matches for them... So technically you're right... but practically... ;)

  4. Ehhh Mr. Sager, you should revised your maths...

    If I add your numbers, it gives me 7 from Québec (instead of 5) and 2 (instead of 4) from AUS.

    And we still think Mousseau should be attributed to QC... :)

    There was an article about him in a Ottawa newspaper, he retired from football after last season. and was extremely surprised to be drafted. He will be evaluating what he will do in the coming weeks...

  5. 7 from Québec, correct ... 4 from AUS (1 Acadia, 1 SMU, 2 St. FX).

    Mousseau really does belong more to Con U, but what are you going to do?

  6. oups - I guess I have to revise my maths too... ;)

  7. Deux Fans . Do not believe those questionable OUA stats that say that Mousseau played only two games with Ottawa, and on defense to boot.

    He was Ottawa's starting center in the last five regular season games of 2008, and in three play-off games.

    He played the 2005 and 2006 seasons with Concordia. For 2007 he moved home to Ottawa and
    enrolled at UO and sat out the mandatory one year of football. He studied Biochemistry at Concordia, but at Ottawa he changed programs completely and enrolled in Social Sciences. Therefore, he still has two years to go to get his degree and announced at the end of 2008 that he was quitting football for good to concentrate on getting his degree.
    He was surprised to be drafted and it remains to be seen as to whether this will change his plans.

  8. Thanks, afterward we read this article in "Le Droit" stating basically what you said.

    No matter what, he should go to the Al's training camp, what a cool story to tell to your childen later... ;)

    BTW, maybe Jim Popp should have talked to him before selecting him.

    It's not a first for Jim, in 1996, he selected James Eggink, however, this fellow had die 5 months before... brrrrrr