Football: NFL buzz grows around Western's Martin

Western's Vaughn Martin grades out very well in size and skill, but the big takeaway from the Globe & Mail feature on the D-lineman who's declared for the NFL draft comes from scout Ron Dias, as quoted by David Naylor:
"As I look back over the years, since 1985, I would say he's one of the top-10 potential great football players I've had the opportunity to scout. His biggest problem was inconsistency."
The article is up on the dot-org, Dias' quote runs a little longer: "His biggest problem was inconsistency. He's got to be consistently challenged to rise. But he's a great, great kid."

Some healthy skepticism is necessary, even as one wishes Martin all the best. He does seem to be a polarizing figure in the OUA.

People can certainly take issue with Martin hiring an agent who was banned from CIS football for a doping infraction (which no newspaper has acknowledged, even those who covered it when Matt Baxter was suspended), or wonder how he could get into an elite school such as Western when, quoth the G&M, "academic issues prevented him from attending" Michigan State.

Current Chicago Bear Israel Idonije was also a dominant defensive lineman at Manitoba before moving on to the NFL; Martin could take plays off sometimes. There have been some other character questions raised, stuff that you can't mention unless you've got it triple-sourcedfrom people willing to go on the record. As for admission policies, it's best not stay away from such powder kegs. It's fair game to note that people are wondering. Michigan State isn't Cal Tech, although Canadians have encountered problems when they apply to NCAA schools.

Whatever happens, happens and it's a small person who stands in his way. If Vaughn Martin gets invited to a NFL training camp or ends up on a practice roster, eight OUA teams won't have to game-plan for him this season.

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