Football: Gaiters' Lee signs on with Carolina Panthers; report

Jamall Lee's free-agent deal with Carolina Panthers probably rates just as much attention as Vaughn Martin being drafted.

It's all about filling a role. The Panthers are a power-running team which employs a tailback platoon, with one physical runner and a speedster who can break off a big run when the defence is worn down. In six of the past seven seasons, they have had at least two backs with 100 carries, so the opportunity for advancement is there if the 225-lb. Lee, who ran a 4.39-second 40-yard dash at the CFL combine, can make the leap (although some Laval fans would joke that going from facing the Rouge et Or to the New Orleans Saints is a lateral move at most).

Last season, their No. 2 tailback, Jonathan Stewart, had 184 carries, which is as much as some NFL teams give to their busiest back (okay, not quite, but that's a lot for a guy who split time with 1,500-yard rusher, DeAngelo Williams). Lee has a lot to learn and there's always the risk any Canadian athlete

The Panthers also used their fourth-round pick on a running back, Mike Goodson from Texas A&M, who probably stacks up as a third-down back (he had almost as many yards receiving, 386, as he did rushing, 406, last season). Lee might offer some potential as a kick returner.

(Apologies for not getting this up sooner; busy night at work yesterday.)

Bishop's running back to get NFL shot with Carolina (The Canadian Press)
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  1. Hi guys, we are handling a French blog on the Montreal Carabins (and the Quebec association per extentsion) and we're stuck on a point here.

    What is the status of a drafted player if he doesn't play with the team that drafted him.

    In other words, does the right of Sam Giguère still belongs (and will belong till ??) to the Ti-Cats??

    Or if Jamall Lee is drafted Saturday, will he only be able to play with that team if he wants to come to the CFL?

    We have the case of Miguel Robede who was drafted by Calgary, played one year for the Rouge & Or and went back to the Stamps the year after... and we have an interview of Glen Constantin saying that if a team draft a player and don't sign him, he's a free agent afterward... Does anyone has the official ruling?

    We went through the CFL web site and came back empty...

    Thanks in advance...

  2. As far as I know, and I'll ask, Lee's rights would belong to the CFL team until he's released by the NFL, unless they trade his rights.

  3. btw, leave your link so we can put you in the blog roll, we have a lot of Québec readers. Merci beaucoup.

  4. Je pense qu'ils sont ici:

    Good site. They'll also be on Twitter during the draft of Quebec players.

    This part caught my eye, even if it doesn't surprise me:

    Benoit Groulx: Gagnant du Hec Creigthon à titre de meilleur joueur universitaire au Canada en 08, ne sera surement pas recruté étant donné son statut de Quart-arrière.I probably missed this discussion earlier, but who wouldn't want to see Groulx given a chance to play in the CFL? But we all know how the Canadian QB thing goes.

  5. Thanks Rob, you got it. We'll link you back. About Groulx, we meant your: But we all know how the Canadian QB thing goes..

    ... and if you have any confirmation about the draftee rights, let us know...

  6. Rob, the "Canadian QB thing" has nothing to do with the anti-Canuck QB bias you imply and everything to do with the fact CIS QB's have nowhere near the skill set required to play the position at the pro level.

  7. The "Canadian QB thing" has as much to do with the fact that the CFL's rules do not give a team an incentive to play a non-import as anything else. Quarterbacks are counted without regard to their nationality. (At one time, the rule was 20 non-imports, 20 imports and 3 quarterbacks. I'm not sure if that's still the case.)

    If a CFL team got to count a Canadian QB as a non-import, there would be an incentive to keep one on the roster, in order to be able to use an American at another position.

  8. I cannot help but think at Mathieu Bertrand who is still to date, the best QB ever coming out of QC, and he has the size, the wieght and the arm. He never had a chance to ever throw a pass, even on a practive field...

    At least he has a reasonnable career in the LCF as a fullback. They just announced today that he has resigned with the Esks...