Hoops: Brock women's coach Critelli steps down

Chris Critelli of Brock became the second women's coach with 25-plus years of service to step down this month, joining Dalhousie's Carolyn Savoy. She made reference to the burnout factor in the profession, who often have extra duties piled on top of having to coach 15 often high-maintenance 18- to 24-year-old athletes.
" 'In Canada, coaching is tough. I'm a high-energy person and that's the only reason why I stayed in it.'

"Maybe if all she had to do was coach, things might be different.

" 'I don't know where we're going with coaching in this country unless we come up with 80 factor or something to get coaches in the game and keep them in the game. It's going to get tougher and tougher.' " — St. Catharines Standard
Si Khounviseth, an assistant coach, has been tapped to take over the Badgers next season.

Critelli, of course, is an institution in women's hoops in Canada, having played on the national team at age 17 before going on to play on national championship teams in both the CIAU and NCAA. You'll never see anyone pull that feat off again.

Critelli gives up coaching; Assistant coach Si Khounviseth will take over at Brock (St. Catharines Standard)
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