Football: Where might Martin land ...

Western d-lineman Vaughn Martin won't go until the second day of the NFL draft, if he's taken at all. The gut feeling here is he gets a free-agent shot.

However, it might be wise to keep an eye peeled to see if the teams that are said to have shown interest in Martin draft a space-eating defensive tackle. Teams aren't likely to draft two players at the same position in a league where the draft is only seven rounds.

Update the first: The Green Bay Packers have taken B.J. Raji from Boston College with the No. 9 overall choice.

Update 2: The Atlanta Falcons also took a tackle, Peria Jerry from Mississippi (no holier-than-thou liberal ever calls it Ole Miss). Jerry's more of a pass rusher (6-foot-2, 290 lbs).

Update 3: The New England Patriots used one of their four second-rounders on Ron Brace of Boston College, who projects as a nosetackle in a 3-4 defence.

Update 4: The Indianapolis Colts, who did check out Martin and have been willing to take on Canadians, took 6-foot-5, 295-lb. Fili Moala from Southern California at No. 56.

Third round: Three DTs were taken, Terrance Knighton (Temple) by Jacksonville; Roy Miller (Texas) by Tampa Bay; Corvey Irvin (Georgia) by Carolina (one of the teams which reportedly was interested in Martin).

Fourth round: St. Louis Rams took Clemson's 6-4, 320-lb. Dorell Scott.

The San Diego Chargers, who brought Martin in for a visit, used their first two picks on a defensive end and a linebacker. They have seven picks across rounds 4-7, so keep that in mind (or not).

None of this is meant to imply one of these teams wouldn't take a chance on Martin, but he'd have more competition going up against a high draft pick.
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  1. Ken Kirkwood4/26/2009 9:22 am

    I think if Vaughn Martin is going anywhere, he'll probably get a look in the free-agency scramble that takes place right after the draft. His scouting info ( defines him as a project with a big upside.

    I don't think an NFL team will want to pay a draftee's salary to such a project. Vaughn could be an effective '2-gap' nose tackle in the right scheme.

    You might find that a really good team (like New England) might bring him in on the developmental roster, because they don't need him right now, and can afford the time to build him. This is the kind of method the 49ers used to employ for people like Michael Carter - who was a former Olympic shot-putter who became a d-lineman for them during the 80s.

  2. I think the chargers will take him in one of the later rounds -- they didn't pick up a DE, by the way. English will play OLB for them.

    Martin could play DE in their 3-4, or be groomed as a possible replacement for J. Williams at NT when the big guy retires.

  3. And . . .

    I'm a genius.

  4. "Anonymous" - You should have bought a lottery ticket today - You would probably be millionnaire... ;)

  5. Ken Kirkwood4/26/2009 1:09 pm

    Wow...good for Vaughn!

  6. I should have!

    That was sort of creepy that I made that prediction only 5 minutes before the chargers took him. I must admit, though, I thought they would wait until the 6th or 7th. They must have really liked him, and knew that others teams did too.

    Good for Martin, and best of luck. As a chargers fan, I hope you can fill our hole at DE.