Football: Give them a home where the Bisons can roam..

It's tough not to look at Winnipeg with a little envy: A $120-million football stadium (subject to cost overruns, but of course). It's minor-league ballpark will actually be put to good use this season, too.
"The plan calls for the Bombers and U of M Bisons to play the 2011 season in new digs that include 30,000 permanent seats and a host of improvements over the existing stadium. The preliminary design must still be priced out." Sun Media
There are doubters (always are), especially since Bombers owner David Asper's media holdings with CanWest Global are going through a rocky time. (At one newspaper, they've eliminated water coolers for the employees.) At least Winnipeg is moving toward something instead of farting around like other cities of 700,000 people one could name.

Paul Friesen of Sun Media notes the new stadium would be the first 30,000-seat stadium built in Canada "in three decades." C'est la vie in country where sports is often foreign to the culture.

(Rogers Centre would technically be an arena, not a stadium, is that right?)

Asper guarantees it; New Bombers home will be more comfortable, more stylish (Paul Friesen, Sun Media)
Is Asper crazy for trying?; Asper confident in stadium plan (Paul Friesen, Sun Media)
Isn't it time for boo choir to sing?; They're always proven wrong, but that's never stopped them (Randy Turner, Winnipeg Free Press)
Bisons coach Dobie happy beyond words (Ashley Prest, Winnipeg Free Press)
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