Football: Top 10, Week 6 results

Your quick recap of the games played by the this week's top 10 teams, seven of whom played this week. Only Laval and Windsor lost.

  1. Laval (5-1): L 17-12 at Montreal. Injuries to Laval, sure, but the Carabins had players missing too. First loss in regular-season play since Oct. 4, 2009, also at Montreal, and only the second since Oct. 28, 2006, again at Montreal. It's almost like there's a pattern.

  2. Western (6-0): W 33-29 vs. Guelph. It's true that "the 35 point spread predicted was preposterous" but five of our six panelists did take Western to cover. If that means ... anything?

  3. Calgary (5-0): Bye week.

  4. Sherbrooke (5-1): W 38-11 vs. Bishop's. The closest it got in the second half was ten points. Bishop's had 42 rushing yards, and that's not counting three conceded safeties (-35 in total).

  5. McMaster (5-1): W 50-14 vs. Toronto. The OUA equivalent to the Vert et Or? Have only lost to Western.

  6. Montreal (3-3 pending appeal): W 17-12 vs. Laval. Rotrand Sene tops 100 again. Too bad for that whole forfeit thing, eh?

  7. Saskatchewan (3-2): Bye week.

  8. Saint Mary's (5-0 pending appeal): W 40-16 vs. St. F-X. Our line was 34.5 points. They won by 34. Do you think they knew?

  9. UBC (3-2): Bye week.

  10. Windsor (4-2): L 27-14 vs. Queen's. I wouldn't drop Laval for losing on the road to Montreal, but there's no way Windsor stays anywhere near the top 10 after a home loss to Queen's.

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1 comment:

  1. After watching Western try to "discover" who they will be for the remained of the OUA season, I wondered where they should be ranked nationally, this week. After catching the end of the Montreal-Laval match-up my pondering and considerations changed again.

    To what degree is a close win, achieved in an unremarkable fashion, over a non-playoff team, damaging to a subjective ranking position?

    In the same line of thought, is a close win over a poor opponent worse than a close loss to a nationally ranked opponent?

    Although I love US college football and their bowl system, I am eternally thankful for the CIS's playoff format.

    the Righteous Happy Slide

    PS. Go Stangs Go!