Basketball: Bakovic suffers "serious ligament damage"; Vanhooren "expecting the worst"

From friend of the blog Wayne Thomas at Dinos Hoops News:

Boris Bakovic, who was to have represented Canada with the Pan-Am Team in Mexico for the next 2 weeks, has suffered a knee injury in practice in Toronto. Bakovic, a 5th year transfer forward, has returned to Calgary for medical assessment and treatment, but the injury appears to be very serious, according to Dinos Coach Dan Vanhooren.

“It is devastating, really. Boris has what appears to be serious ligament damage. He will get an MRI to further assess the injury, but we are expecting the worst, unfortunately”, commented a shaken Vanhooren. With Bakovic, a former All-Canadian at Ryerson, Calgary was poised to compete for a Top 10 CIS spot, but losing him would likely make that goal a tough one to reach.

Wayne also provides more detail about a (more minor) injury to Tyler Fidler and the players who might get more minutes as a result. The Dinos open at the Bobcats on November 5, with Vanhooren hoping Fidler is ready to go by then.

Our Brian Decker wrote about Bakovic's return just two months ago, tying it in with other fifth-year transfers in Canada West. (Did someone say, "Peter Lomuro"?) We don't know what will happen to Calgary's big-name transfer just yet, but we do know the coach isn't optimistic. At the 2009 Final 8, we noted Vanhooren's recurring tendency to lose his BlackBerry out of his suit pocket during his more animated moments on the bench. He probably threw the thing against the wall when this happened (if he still had one after last week).

No MUBL owners were available for comment, as they were believed to be frantically updating their organization's draft boards after learning of Bakovic's injury.
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