And Others Who Weren't So Lucky: Toronto Varsity Blues

As each CIS football team is officially eliminated from playoff contention, we'll reflect on what they did this year and compare their results to our expectations.

Up next: Toronto, who saw their playoff chances evaporate with a four-game losing streak in October.

Record: 3-5
RPI: 18th
Per-game stats:
Points for: 13.8
Points against: 23.6
Passing yards: 225.6
Rushing yards: 110.0
Passing yards against: 190.0
Rushing yards against: 156.75

Looking back at our preview questions:

Q: HOW will the Blues show that their [2010] win over the Ottawa Gee-Gees was not a fluke?

A: There are two ways to answer this question. On one hand, some would interpret this question literally: how would the Blues would fare in the very next match against the Gee-Gees? Under that interpretation, they failed miserably. Losing 41-0, the Blues allowed 27 points in the first half alone, and were intercepted four times—amongst a comedy of bad stats. The loss set in motion a four-game losing streak that the Blues couldn’t recover from.

On the other hand, some would interpret this question as how the team performed as a whole this season. Even though they officially matched last season’s win total, that's a little misleading: 2010's 3-5 record included a forfeit win. They had the second-best defense in the conference, and they were largely competitive in every game but one. The team is getting better despite the loss total. Their season’s results are exactly what we expected.

Q: WHAT challenges lie ahead for new Head Coach Greg Gary?

A: There were a few. For a new coach coming from high school regional football, adjusting to the schedule and the speed of collegiate football is a huge hurdle. He also had to sift his way into the current profile of his team and find his niche with influencing the on-field personnel and scheme. Speaking to Gary in August, he seemed to be confident but humble in the current personnel, and I think he stayed true to that.

On the field, he needed to make sure his team stayed in games. That seemed to be the case. By the way, he won more games in his first season than Greg DeLaval did in his. That's not bad, though he may have had more to work with.

Q: WHO will step up on the defensive side of the football?

A: Several players stepped up big time. DB Dorian Munroe was named OUA Defensive Player of the Week the weekend of October 15. DB Marco Rodrigues was a good physical player this season, and LB Wilkerson DeSouza lead the team in tackles (and sixth in the nation).

This defense was very impressive, that is something the Blues can pride themselves on. They will have to be mindful of their offensive woes this winter, but whatever state they were in last year has far improved.
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  1. Correction. The Blues were nt competitive in 2 games, not 1.
    Windsor beat Toronto 38-5.