Football: Top 10, Week 5 results

Your quick recap of the games played by the this week's top 10 teams, who went 5-1 this week against non-top-10 teams.

  1. Laval (5-0): W 37-4 vs. Concordia. Rouge, safety, rouge. Laval didn't give up any points in the last 7/8ths of this game. Concordia had four first downs and 59 yards of offence. What a terrible game. Laval has now held three of their five opponents touchdown-less; granted, those opponents are McGill and Concordia (twice).

  2. Western (5-0): W 48-23 vs. York. The Lions had a two-score lead but Western pulled away in the second quarter. Donnie Marshall was hurt in that quarter; before leaving the game, he was 3 for 8 for 25 yards. Compare this to Nick Coutu: 4/8 for 54. Hurt or not, having (superficial) stats that look worse than a York QB is not a good thing. Then again, when you have 380 yards rushing...

  3. Calgary (5-0): W ∞-7 vs. Alberta. Led 41-0 at the half, at which point they had 320 yards to Alberta's 54. Their second-leading rusher had more rushing yards than the entire Golden Bears team, ditto their third-leading receiver. Then I ignored everything that happened after halftime, as I'm sure the Dinos and their fans did.

  4. Montreal (3-2): L 20-11 at Sherbrooke. Doesn't sound like a great game: only one offensive touchdown by either team. Quite a few punts. Makes the last two games of the Carabins' season (at Concordia, hosting Sherbrooke) that much more important.

  5. Sherbrooke (4-1): W 20-11 vs. Montreal. A 104-yard kickoff return by Raphael Gagne and a 40-yard pick-six from Alexandre Branco (or, as the CIS boxscore calls him, "Alexand. Branco").

  6. McMaster (4-1): W 46-20 vs. Waterloo. It was, at one point, 43 to nothing. Waterloo did not score a point until the fourth quarter. Let's give Sil Sports the last word here: "Perfect encapsulation of the game: Waterloo botches the snap on the field goal attempt and turns it over. Gross."

  7. Saint Mary's (3-1): W 8-3 vs. Acadia. Canadian football! Wait: there was actually a touchdown. Get back to me when it's safety-field goal-safety beating three punt singles.

  8. UBC (3-2): L 36-33 at Saskatchewan. Canadian football again! After Billy Greene scored his second rushing TD of the game to bring UBC within 3 with a minute left, the Huskies chose to kick off to UBC. I guess I knew that was an option, the just-scored-on-team choosing to kick off, but has that ever happened?

  9. Saskatchewan (3-2): W 36-33 vs. UBC. With four seconds left, it probably doesn't matter who kicks off (can you really execute and recover an onside kick, within field-goal range, in just four seconds?) so let's hope it doesn't overshadow the Huskies' two-point first half.

  10. Ottawa (3-2): L 51-16 at Laurier. What happened? It's not like Ottawa couldn't do anything in this game. All-purpose-wise, they actually outgained Laurier.

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  1. Ottawa didn't do much at all until the fourth quarter, where they got their only score and moved the ball well against a prevent Defence.

    But if you want to know what happened here all you have to do is look at the 170 yards in penalties tagged to the Gee-Gees. Ottawa couldn't get much established against Laurier's D but when they did have a big play, a penalty always seemed to call it back.

  2. Missed the penalty yards. Yikes.