Football: Power Rankings, Oct. 3

This week, Acadia destroys whatever reputation we had for statistical analysis here. Also jumping high, Laurier. Big drops: Ottawa and Manitoba.

I can't explain the Acadia thing. I really can't. It has to be a combination of small sample size (the X-Men, who represent half their opponents, have played just two non-Acadia games), home-road weighting (they have not lost a home game, and their four opponents have just two home losses against non-Acadia teams), and general incomprehensible factors. They started at 15th two weeks ago, rose to 13th, and now are 6th. They should be lower next week, if only because I can't see how this isn't a one-week anomaly.
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  1. Not sure about Laval still at no 1, my money is on Sherbrooke this year. Acadia? didn't they lose to Saint Mary's which in turn lost to the 3-2 Mtl Carabins??

  2. Not sure about Laval still at #1?
    Are you crazy Roger?
    Were you out of town when Laval beat Sherbrooke?