Women's soccer: RPI risers and fallers

This weekly update brought to you by a dead computer in Halifax...

Four teams moved up by 10 spots or more this week in our women's soccer RPI, one of whom even makes the top 10.

(Given the weird results you're about to see in our football RPI, I won't blame you for being skeptical of this, but keep in mind that there are many more games in soccer than football, and that we have some interconference exhibition games to work with as well.)


  • Cape Breton, +11 (Last week: 16, This week: 5): Nowhere to be found in the official top 10, the Capers are nonetheless showing some of that powerhouse potential in knocking off Dal. The road loss to UPEI is not going to hurt them that much, since nobody has beaten the Panthers (who are 14-1 in goal differential). With Moncton and UNB on the docket next week, a 4-3-0 record may become 6-3-0.

  • Saskatchewan, +11 (Last week: 22, This week: 11): Another team whose record may belie their true performance. They're 4-3-1 in league play but with losses to Calgary, TWU, and Alberta who together have been 13-5-2 against everyone else. Split a pair in Edmonton this week, then back in the province next week for games against Calgary and hapless Lethbridge. With games in B.C. the week after that, they will go more than a month between home games. Elizabeth Hudon scored twice in their win.

  • UQTR, +11 (Last week: 28, This week: 17): A win over McGill is always nice. Their only losses are to Montreal and Sherbrooke, two teams who have not lost except to each other.


  • York, -14 (Last week: 12, This week: 26): Lost to Waterloo at home. Need I say more?

    (Nobody else really fell in a notable way. TWU and UBC, kind of. Maybe Windsor.)


  • Alberta: L 3-2 vs. Saskatchewan
  • McGill: L 3-0 at UQTR
  • Dalhousie: L 2-1 at Cape Breton

Not surprisingly, a top 10 team losing a game corresponds with their opponent's rise in the RPI. It's almost like it's designed that way!
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  1. No RPI for Mens Soccer?

  2. No, although the biggest hurdle in the way of my providing it is simply the unavailability of all the non-conference games. Otherwise the RPI is based just on the regular season, and you can see what that does to football.

    Some sports (men's hockey, for one) provide a composite schedule, which is a great start. For other sports, I rely on the kindness of others, or my own efforts. I chased down the results for women's soccer because we're covering it this year.