Basketball: OUA reintroduces men's Final Four

It will be four on the floor once again in OUA men's basketball.

Lakehead coach Scott Morrison announced earlier Friday that there will be a Final Four format for the Wilson Cup, involving the two playoff survivors from each division. Based on what can be divined in 140-character dispatches from the coach, the post-season will be "the same as usual except when the east and west finals are ready they will reseed in final four format and play two semis (and) final.

"The major difference is that both OUA bids for nationals could now come from same division," Morrison added.

Windsor athletic director Gord Grace, the new OUA president, has touched on a "televised Final Four concept." It is probably a safe bet others involved with new basketball marketing committee were drivers in making this a reality, even it means giving up home-floor advantage for a critical game.

(Granted, the AUS has the Final 6 and Canada West has had a single-site Final Four. Don't spoil this, especially if OUA gets television coverage.)

If this sounds like it should include a clip of Jackie Moon in Semi-Pro saying, "I'm so happy ... I can't even feel my arms." It's been a rough week for a CIS diehard, on account of the Waterloo Warriors fiasco, so this is good news. It's of a piece with what needs to be done to avoid another Waterloo, continuing to treat CIS like a modern, professional operation. Astoundingly, some believe the answer to something that came from an amateur-hour approach is to get even more amateur and set the Hot Tub Time Machine to 1978, but they'll eventually join the late 20th 21st century. Good call, OUA.
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