Hockey: University Commitments

The WHL has taken it upon themselves this summer to publish all commitments made to Canadian universities by WHL graduates.

The archive can be found here.

I'll be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly; hopefully you will too. And hopefully the OHL and QMJHL follow suit...

Regardless, I have to give a tip o' the hat to the WHL for making this information public, and most importantly promoting it on the main page for all to see.
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1 comment:

  1. the WHL only posts the info IF it is provided by either the schools or the graduate who wants his name on the site!?
    the schools submit the names of these kids hoping to ensure the comittment remains until they sees the athlete show up at the school in September or the WHL graduate posts the info to either see his name or tell the other recruiters to quit phoning him morning noon and night!
    if anything it increases the calls from the pirates who would then try to change the kids mind!??