Site news: They'll be rocking in the Bay of Quinte

We won't bury the lede. Neate Sager has taken a new position with Yahoo! Sports, writing about major junior hockey, and will have to reduce his commitment to substantially.

Hopefully, this is not news to anyone, because you've all already been reading and enjoying his work at Buzzing the Net. If you haven't yet, you will enjoy it. And if you're reading this, you know you will, because you know Neate--and you know, and you know Out of Left Field, and you know they are where they are largely because of his desire, effort, and dedication.

But to understate things, this is a big change for the site. I don't think I'm insulting James Mirtle, this site's other co-founder, when I say Neate has always been the top contributor here, in every sense of the word. This blog's covered three full years of CIS, and he was here, and taking the lead, for all of them, often with unmatched national perspective on any topic that arose. He will still be writing for us occasionally, but as he strikes up the band with Yahoo! he will understandably have less time for our little enterprise here, and (as he put it) it'll be the Rob and Andrew show for a bit.

We will miss him, and we thank him greatly for all he's done, and all he does.

And it goes without saying that we wish him well. If you'd like to do the same: (Neate will insist you don't make a fuss, but go ahead. He'll get a real kick out of it.)

Neate will also pass along various CIS tidbits at
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1 comment:

  1. Good luck to Neate in his new functions. His enthousiasm, productivity and irony will be missed by all CIS fans all across the country.

    Our secret hope is that one day, somebody will want to pay him decently to cover CIS sports (especially football) the same way he'll cover Junior hockey...