Basketball or volleyball: Whatever the sport, great story

Cody Mazza-Anthony, a Grade 12 student out of Hamilton (okay, okay, Stoney Creek--don't write angry letters), is heading to McGill in the fall on both academic and athletic scholarships exceeding five figures. That's already an accomplishment, but there's more to him:

Doctors warned his parents he'd never run fast. He wore wooden shoes all day every day within days of his birth until he was nearly five.

That same boy also didn't speak a word until he started school.

Years of speech therapy and special classes followed.

And how is he doing now?

"I've been in education for 20 years and you don't meet too many like Cody," said Bishop Ryan principal Hermon Mayers. "He's an incredible young man, admired by staff and students ... He really is the whole package."

That package includes, as the Spec describes, smarts, athleticism, looks, humility, and spirituality. The article's definitely worth a read (thanks to Neate for passing it along).

It's not made clear what sport he'll be playing at McGill, but it sounds like he'll figure something out.

The boy who beat the odds [Carmelina Prete, Hamilton Spectator]
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