Hoops: Bekkering will be back with Dinos

We're way late (it's summer, for crying out loud) in noting that Henry Bekkering is headed back to the Calgary Dinos after leaving the CFL Stampeders' training camp earlier this week.

It makes sense. The Calgary Herald's football writer, Allan Cameron noted that Bekkering's game and his Dutch passport is going to make him very employable in European pro basketball. He was just scratching the surface in football. In basketball, he's a known quantity who's probably still scratching the surface.

Meantime, since we all love to play with unorthodox ideas (and bear in mind this is tongue-in-cheek, sadly, some people need a disclaimer) ... why wouldn't the football Dinos try to make use of Bekkering's unique talents this fall? Design a six- or 12-play package of pass plays for him to learn and use him as a receiver in red-zone situations -- if nothing else, he'd at least be a good decoy. Put him on the kickoff team and have the kicker pop up a short one in the air and have him go get it -- just like he was skying for a rebound coming off the rim. 

He could probably plant doubts in the opposing defence's mind just by standing on the sideline ... anyways, thank God there are coaches such as Blake Nill who think better of such tomfoolery. It's nice to play around with those ideas, but real life is not so nice.
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  1. Yeah great idea - have a guy risk a protential pro hoops career by leaping his exposed body in the air for short kickoffs. I'm sure that Henry loves that idea.

  2. Vic, get a sense of humour for Christmas, if not sooner... the last line, "thank God there are coaches such as Blake Nill who think better of such tomfoolery" was a tip-off all tongue-in-cheek.

    He already risked his potential pro hoops career trying out with the Stampeders.

    Again, if you want to make the site better, offer to contribute or recommend someone who could. Otherwise, you're being tedious and tiresome.